Feasibility Study for HarmonyOS Development

Case Study: Feasibility Study for HarmonyOS Development

With the rise of HarmonyOS as a significant player in the operating system market, our client, a company with successful iOS and Android applications, recognized an opportunity to expand its digital presence. Targeting Huawei users, the client aimed to develop a HarmonyOS version of their app to tap into this growing user base. However, the client faced substantial challenges, including a lack of in-house technical expertise in HarmonyOS development and difficulties in sourcing skilled developers.


Product Description

The client’s existing product, available on iOS and Android platforms, had garnered a positive reception, prompting the need for expansion into the new market through HarmonyOS. This strategic move was aimed at capturing Huawei’s extensive user base, offering the same high-quality app experience to a new segment of users.


Client Challenge

The challenges were multifaceted:

    • Lack of Technical Expertise:

The client lacked the necessary technical knowledge and experience in HarmonyOS development, a relatively new and less explored platform.

    • Scarcity of Skilled Developers:

Finding developers with expertise in HarmonyOS, proved challenging, complicating the project’s initiation.

    • Market Entry Strategy:

The client needed a thorough understanding of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, including version breakdowns and user demographics, to tailor their app effectively for this new audience.



To address these challenges, our team embarked on a comprehensive feasibility study, focusing on several key areas:

    • Market Analysis:

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the HarmonyOS market, including user demographics, popular app categories, and trends. This helped identify potential opportunities and challenges in targeting Huawei users.

    • Technical Feasibility:

Our study included a technical evaluation of HarmonyOS, exploring its development environment, available APIs, and compatibility considerations with existing iOS and Android versions of the client’s app. This assessment aimed to identify any technical hurdles and solutions for developing a HarmonyOS version of the app.

    • Version Breakdowns:

Understanding the fragmentation within HarmonyOS versions was crucial. Our study provided a detailed breakdown of the various versions of HarmonyOS in use, enabling the client to make informed decisions about which versions to target for maximum reach and compatibility.

    • Developer Ecosystem:

We explored the HarmonyOS developer ecosystem, assessing the availability of development tools, documentation, and community support. This also included strategies for sourcing and collaborating with skilled developers.

    • Cost Analysis:

A comprehensive cost analysis was conducted to estimate the development, testing, and maintenance expenses associated with creating and supporting a HarmonyOS version of the app.



The feasibility study provided the client with a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with HarmonyOS development. Key outcomes included:

    • Informed Decision-Making:

Armed with comprehensive insights into the HarmonyOS market and technical landscape, the client could make informed strategic decisions regarding app development and market entry.

    • Strategic Roadmap:

The study offered a strategic roadmap for HarmonyOS app development, including prioritization of versions, a plan for developer collaboration, and a timeline for implementation.

    • Risk Mitigation:

By highlighting potential technical and regulatory challenges, the study enabled the client to proactively address risks, ensuring a smoother development process and market entry.


This feasibility study on HarmonyOS app development served as a critical steppingstone for our client’s expansion into the Chinese market. By providing a detailed analysis of the market, technical environment, and regulatory considerations, we equipped the client with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of HarmonyOS development. This case study underscores our expertise in conducting thorough market and technical analyses, guiding clients through informed decision-making and strategic planning in entering new digital landscapes.

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