Case Studies

Case Studies

Discover how Techronex empowers businesses to bring mere ideas to life and navigate the journey of digital transformation successfully. 

Encryption App with Type-C Device Integration

An encryption application for both Android and iOS platforms. The application will enable users to securely encrypt and decrypt files stored in the cloud, leveraging an external USB-C MicroSD Card Reader.

Advanced Anti-Spam System for Enhanced Security

A comprehensive anti-spam and security system for a client facing sophisticated cyber threats, enhancing their cybersecurity posture significantly.

Fraud Detection in the Insurance and Banking Industry through AI Integration

AI-powered fraud detection system seamlessly integrating our client's AI fraud detection model utilizing GoLang, ReactJS, and AWS EKS for a scalable, secure infrastructure.

Enterprise Customer Live Chat System

Enterprise-grade live chat ticketing system to enhance customer service capabilities. The system, designed to manage tens of thousands of daily interactions, emphasized stability, customization, and privacy.

Crypto Cold Wallet SDK for Enhanced Cryptocurrency Support

The integration of VeChain and Mina protocols into a client's Cold Wallet SDK significantly broadened cryptocurrency management capabilities, enhanced security, and improved market competitiveness.

Freelance and Domestic Helper Platform via LINE Integration

Online marketplace for part-timers and domestic helpers, offering an intuitive interface for both job seekers and employers integrating with LINE's Front-end Framework (LIFF).

Live Stream Application

Focusing on stability, functionality, and privacy, we built a platform that offers HD video streaming, low latency, and adaptive bitrate streaming.

Pet Health Monitoring App with ECG Sensor Integration

A native pet health monitoring app for iOS and Android, integrating with a Bluetooth-connected ECG sensor for real-time health data.

Feasibility Study for HarmonyOS Development

Expanding a client's app to HarmonyOS users, overcoming challenges like lack of expertise and developer scarcity through a detailed feasibility study, enabling informed decisions, and providing a clear development roadmap for successful integration.

Anti-Phishing Training Tool

An anti-phishing tool that could evaluate and train employees on phishing susceptibility and later, transform this internal solution into a viable business product.

HRMS System

A HRMS system for a client, featuring daily check-ins, timesheet tracking, leave management, performance reviews, claims handling, HR reporting and customize solutions.

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